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Consulting Services

Another Option, Inc. offers consulting services to restaurants, hotels, and hospitality vendors to make your business more accessible to the fast-growing, plant-based community.

We offer both front and back of house training and menu development in conjunction with your chefs.

Staff Training

Front of the House - Confident servers, happy customers

You know that it is a team effort to create a welcoming, memorable experience for your customers. But, the face of your restaurant is likely your waitstaff as these are the people that your guests will interact with most during their visit.

Often times "vegetarian", "vegan" and "gluten-free" all seem to blend into an indistinct lump. If your servers are unclear about any of these terms, your customers will be wary that their order will fill their needs. 

For a plant-based diner, there is nothing that destroys the evening more quickly than having to educate their server about their dietary choices. Your vegan customer's confidence crumbles when he must explain that using chicken stock in the tomato soup renders it unacceptable for a vegetarian or vegan.

For your servers, it saves effort and time if they are not having to run to the kitchen to check whether there are anchovies in the Worcestershire sauce used in the Bloody Marys. 

Having knowledgeable servers that can quickly and confidently answer questions about ingredients and preparation allows your customers to relax and savor the food and experience

Back of the House - Prepared cooks, happy customers

Keeping your kitchen staff unsurprised and efficient makes for a good night all around.

We all know that cooks don't like needy guests; it's one of their top pet-peeves. Therefore, planning for the plant-based guest at your restaurant turns a frustrating and time-consuming scramble to the pantry into a planned, well-composed meal.

By establishing a no-animal zone in the kitchen and offering several developed vegan options on the menu, your cooks can focus on execution rather than creation...and the dinner rush is no time for creating a new dish.

Menu Development: Delicious meals from what is already on-hand

Vegan food has been the butt of jokes for decades implying that the food is boring, tasteless and unsatisfying. Given that vegetables have long been treated as the accessory to the main, it is no wonder that these dishes were overlooked without much attention.

With the increase in the size of the vegan community, as well as the number of people just simply cutting down on their meat consumption, vegetables are receiving the attention that they deserve.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your cooks to turn common ingredients into flavorful powerhouses that will appeal to vegans and omnis alike.

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